We are a consulting company “Modern Business Management”. We specialize in areas such as recruiting, accounting services and staff training.


It is your team that creates value for the company, so it is important to devote time to recruiting, which will separate values and work for the development of your company. It is better to be sure that people work with you for the sole purpose, which has enough motivation to implement business goals. We will help you quickly and qualitatively create your dream team to expand your business with the most modern tools. Our consultants specialize in the selection of highly qualified personnel and management staff.


Each business owner should conduct organized accounting, which corresponds to the activity of the company. It is quality management that provides stability and security in the future. If you are looking for a way to improve the financial control of your business, then our specialists will help you with this. We provide financial reporting and verification services as necessary. You will be able to rely on accurate data to support your company's profitability and familiarize yourself with the ways to improve your financial reporting processes.


Staff training is the way to continuous business development, and your team is one of the main aspects of the company's success and effectiveness. There is a definite link between learning and success in business. Fast-Learning companies adapt better to changes, and work better in the future. If you want to increase profits, reduce employee turnover, increase motivation, work on team spirit and interaction, improve productivity and level of competence. That is exactly what you need.


Search for a Manager

40 000

Search for a TOP Sales Manager

35 000

Search for a marketer / SMM / SEO

20 000

Search for an Office Manager

20 000

Search for a waiter, bartender

15 000

Search for a warehouse staff

15 000

Find a car driver/cargo transport

15 000

accounting services

Monthly service to Start-up business

2 000

Monthly maintenance Base (1-2 employees)

3 500

Monthly service FLP general taxation system

2 000

Monthly service FLP 1-2 Group

1 200

Monthly Service FLP 3 Group

2 000

Monthly Service Premium (6-10 employees)

8 500

Cash register



We are very proud of our results. We make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction with the result of our services. We strive to be the best at what we do and focus on the continuous development of efficiency. Improving the results of our clients is our success. We constantly invest in our development to become the best for our clients every day.



There is a stereotype that recruiters and external consultants are only interested in receiving money from their clients. We want to correct the mistake of this statement, so we are ready to engage the client in the process as far as we are concerned, so that he does not remain in doubt about our devotion. Remuneration should match the results, and you deserve the best performance.


Responsibility for services rendered is the basis of our work. We understand that not every owner is ready to entrust our business to an external consultant. Your trust is an invaluable motivation for our team. We are always ready to achieve maximum efficiency and timely execute the tasks. We are committed to our clients, and that is why we do what we do.


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