Accounting is one of the most important areas of your organization, and well-coordinated work here is vital for the overall success of your business. This requires attention to detail, good analytical skills and experience. Accounting should improve the management of processes and meet the requirements of local legislation.

We take this work for you to concentrate on your main activities. Our team will help you work more efficiently and stay focused on business.

We provide a wide range of services for individuals and businesses in different fields. For small business customers, we offer a qualitative alternative for keeping records, creating financial statements and analyzing the company's progress.

We care about the timely payment of taxes and maintain high quality accounting documentation to achieve your business goals in the financial environment. Our company is ready to support a long-term relationship to ensure continuity services to focus on both the company's short-term goals and the long-term strategic planning.

If you need competent accounting- we can help!

Accounting services require awareness in accounting procedures and experience in financial control to adapt services under the client. If you are able to send an invoice to customers or create a statement about the cash flow, but do not know the basics of accounting, this information will not help you in making financial decisions about the future of your company.

Why our company?

  • we organize accounting and tax accounting;
  • we provide a flexible solution that is adapted to the scale of the business, its specificity and scope of activity to meet your specific needs;
  • we optimize the business process;
  • we value each client and want to benefit your company, to help you grow and develop;
  • we guarantee quality service, reliability and professionalism;
  • we help to make changes to your company's accounting processes for better efficiency;
  • we prepare the necessary reports when you need them within a certain timeframe;
  • we offer account maintenance at a qualitative level.

Our experienced consultants:

  • create and analyze financial documents;
  • provide services to companies and individuals that help to analyse financial information for business decisions;
  • perform accounting schedules;
  • optimize accounting processes;
  • predict future profits;
  • explaining what different reports and data mean and how it affects your business;
  • help in solving a number of tasks related to accounting services;
  • tell you what services you need.


Monthly service to Start-up business

2 000 /month

Monthly maintenance Base (1-2 employee)

3 500 /month

Monthly Maintenance base + (3-5 employees)

5 500 /month

Monthly Service Premium (6-10 employees)

8 500 /month

Monthly Service Premium + (> 11 employees)


Monthly service FLP 1-2 Group

1 200 /month

Monthly Service FLP 3 Group

2 000 /month

Monthly service FLP general taxation system

2 000 /month

CASH REGISTERS (cash register)

400 /report

Payment in the client-bank is included in the price for monthly maintenance