About us


If a candidate does not pass a probationary period within 3 months – we conduct a free search for a replacement candidate, with a review of the requirements for the candidate. Before looking for any staff, first, we come to the company, study the microclimate of the company, the specifics of the work, what difficulties the candidate might expect and their abilities to make decisions. Intermediate assessment interviews are conducted with the candidate during the probationary period. 


  • openness and honesty;
  • quality;
  • accessibility and objectivity of the result;
  • responsibility;
  • solving your problems, not ours.


We're not just looking for staff. We become a company that needs this staff. We become the customer's company. We search for personnel for a specific position, at a certain time, within the necessary budget of the customer and with the necessary characteristics. Show the resulting cost of our services so high that the customer would always need it.


  • highly skilled staff;
  • the face-to-face selection of candidates according to the customer's criteria;
  • the writing of adaptation tasks for a candidate for 3 months;
  • fast (operational) search;
  • affordable price on the market;
  • the candidate undergoes psychological tests and 2 stages of interviews before being interviewed by the customer;
  • careful screening of candidates;
  • guaranteeing the result.

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